Coffee and chaos

Welcome to my blog about my unconvential and slightly haphazard journey through motherhood! If you’re reading this you either came out of genuine curiosity or to see what the deal is with me being allowed a website. If it’s the latter, no judgement here. I don’t know how I managed this either!

As I was figuring out how to make this blog post, my 7 month old son managed to unzip my purse and nearly swallow a 20p piece. Screaming “NO!” while wresting a coin out of my sons mouth wasn’t how I planned to start this blog, but alas! Here we are. (P.S I’m as shocked as everyone else that he got hold of a coin from my purse… I didn’t know I had that 20p and now feel rich!)

I can’t promise a thrilling account of me perfectly juggling housework, parenting and a social life if that’s what you’re here for. I can however promise thrilling real life stories of how my son almost choked on a coin and took a poop on the freshly washed laundry in the same day. (He is like LIGHTENING with no nappy on. If you know you know. “FREEDOM!!!”) 

Jokes aside and in reality, I don’t know what I’m doing. None of us do!  (If you do, do me a solid and please get in contact with me – I think I lost my “how to successfully parent” manual.) I’m hoping this blog will be of help and provide some solidarity to mums (and dads!) who just need someone to say “me too!” Sometimes when you realise you’re not alone, this parenting gig seems a lot easier. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Unless you’re trying to get a nappy on usain bolt who is headed for your fresh laundry. Try again and again and again. Trust me on this one!

Anyway, on that note, that’s all for now! I hope you’ll hang around and vist every now and then. From one mother winging it to another, we got this!!

Rebecca x

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