For Oscar.

My love. How quickly things change and the rhythm of life adapts to new things. It really seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital- oblivious to the changes being parents would bring. There we were in our new baby bubble, oblivious to the outside world as we struggled through the sleepless nights, early mornings, colic, reflux and everything that comes with.

Somewhere in the chaos of newborn life I forgot to stop and breathe in the newness of each stage. Forgetting to soak up each new first. Slowly the colic left and the reflux followed and as each new first came and went you grew into the little boy who is currently sitting in a pile of dvds you pulled painstakingly, one by one,  off the tv stand. My boy you don’t do things by halves. Even at 7 months you are determined and intelligent – crawling by 6 months and no doubt walking by Christmas. Moving away from me as I follow you, waiting to catch you when you fall, kiss bumped heads and be your pillow for sleepy cuddles.

My love, you are my greatest accomplishment. Loving you is so, so easy – but finding my way each day can be hard. Navigating the sleepless nights, early rises, laundry, groceries, the list goes on. Things change every day but my love for you is always assured. No matter where you go in life,  my heart will go with you.


Mummy x

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