Seeking perfection

Sometimes I bake. Sometimes I hoover. Sometimes I am mum of the year and do both in one evening! Before Oscar has gone to bed. (Waits for applause)

Other days, however, my evening ends up like this. Picture the scene, a mother happily playing with her giggling baby under Christmas tree lights. There’s a towel down so mummy thinks “nappy free time would be nice!”

Next minute, baby has me in a hair grabbing head lock, pinning me to the ground in pain. He uses this opportunity to climb my back and use his newly acquired skill of pulling himself up. Now I am trapped, face first into the carpet in a hair gripping headlock. I can’t move because baby will fall but he’s threatening to pee on me at any moment. There’s only one thing for it! Army roll while gripping a naked, writhing baby and trying to detach my clumps of post baby hair from his chubby fists.

Feeling smug about my close escape, I am victoriously removing clumps of my hair from Oscars fists. Until, however, the jet hits me square on the arm as he kindly relieves himself.

Sometimes motherhood isn’t playing by twinkling lights and taking wonderful insta worthy photos.

It’s stained high chair straps that I haven’t got round to cleaning.

It’s refilling the forever empty, tipped over toy box.

It’s cleaning your carpet for the 500th time this week.

It’s not being Mum of the year, its just being a Mum. Sometimes we Mums can put ourselves down when in the thick of motherhood. I know because I do it at least once a day. The house is too messy, my baby won’t sleep, I haven’t made him a savings account, my jeans still don’t fit, am I feeding baby the right things?

The internet pushes perfection before you can be validated as a mother. It’s easy to become trapped, striving for something we will never achieve.

But we will never be perfect.

To our babies, however, we are are everything. Stained high chair straps or not.

Even on the worst days, you’re doing great.

Trust me on this one.

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