Through the window

You saw me through the window as I rocked and bounced and shushed the cries. You smiled as if remembering, I could see it in your eyes. Your hair, now grey, was once like mine, your face was smooth and wrinkle free. Now, the wrinkles frame your face but once, you were like me.

Young and burdened with life’s worries, small children on your hip. You silently remember as you watch me sway and dip. Those years go past so quickly, you wish that you could tell me. Now your children have left your nest and your heart, it feels so empty.

So many things you wish you could say, but the lessons will come in time. Each one building on wisdom that that the last one left behind. Once, you too were young and burdened. Once, you too were tired and worn. Now, although the years have passed, it seems but a second since your babes were born.

The months pass quickly but again I stand, small child upon my hip. I catch a glimpse as you hobble by, a smile upon your lips. Your knowing look says so much more than words could ever say; it doesn’t seem too long ago you watched me rock and sway.

The days are long and hectic, the nights blend into one. The years are only fleeting as the tapestry of time is quickly spun. This little boy will soon be grown and the years will have passed me by. Once upon my hip he sat but soon he’ll be free to fly.

On my own after all those years, a quiet walk i’ll take. I’ll pass a house and take a glance as a baby gently wakes. I’ll see them through the window as they rock and bounce and shush the cries. I’ll smile as if remembering, they’ll see it in my eyes. These years go past so quickly, i’ll wish that i could tell them. By now, my children will have left my nest and my heart, it will feel so empty.

One last smile and a gentle nod and on my hobbled way i’ll go. Time won’t pause just here forever, a graying old lady once told me so.

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