One year.

11.40am on the 29th of March 2018. 

Oscar Daniel Stewart, your entrance into the world changed ours forever. It seems just yesterday we were holding our miracle baby for the first time.

One year. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Somehow the image of both your daddy and your Granda Tom; you have your daddy’s smile and the twinkle of pure JOY in your eyes. Eyes as deep as the ocean and as sparkling blue as their bigger copy, i sometimes see your Granda looking back. I can only hope you turn out as well as the two men from which you take your looks.

One year. You are strong and courageous despite your age. You take on slippery floors with bravery and bumps to the head like a champion. The pioneer of radiator climbing, nothing stands in your way. Oblivious to “no!,” you are determined to succeed in whatever mission you have assigned yourself. Determined like your mother, yet gentle and a joker like your father.

One year. You defied the odds of a difficult birth and lived to tell the tale. We defied the odds and pushed through parenting a sick baby and all that came with it. It seems like a life time ago we struggled through each day. Our first year of parenthood has been terrifying and at times a real struggle. We would be lying if we said otherwise. However, you have brought such unimaginable JOY to our lives. We never knew such love existed and our hearts are forever changed.

One year. One year of firsts. Your first bath, your first smile, your first food, your first steps. Now the firsts are every day things. In the hum drum of routine its often easy to forget that the mundane was once an exciting first. Every day, however, is exciting with you. Your laugh fills the room with inescapable joy, we can’t help but smile in your presence.

One year. We have learnt so many things this year but there are a few things we have learnt from you. When you fall down, get up and try again. Smile even at the smallest, most simple things. Cuddles ALWAYS help, especially at 3am. You have no idea how often the 3am cuddles have helped me more than you.

One year. We have loved you since minute one and it increases every day. I never knew my heart was capable of so much love.

One year, my love! It’s been a blast. Here’s to the next.

All my love, Mummy x

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